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Was born in 2002 from the great intuition of two tuscan businessmen who , after years of experimentation and analysis, decided to industrialize an innovative solution that allowed preserving and serving wine by the glass. A true revolution! 


Technologically advanced solutions, innovative design, specific software, a wide range of products and 100% Italian manufacture, these are some of the main characteristics of the enomatic wine serving systems that have completely transformed the wine tasting experience.


Today  enomatic is internationally recognized and appreciated thaks to a consolidated success story. Our systems are distributed in more than  70 countries in the world thanks to an important network of professionals that satisfy  all our client's needs  (advice-installation-training-support and assistance).


We are a fresh new company in the Pacific Northwest for the States of Washington , Oregon and Idaho. As wine lovers and enthusiasts, at Taste Intelligence Technologies , we bring the best wine preservation system experience on the market. It all started with a group of young entrepreneurs who could not find good wine preservation technology available in the market and hated to see good wine go to waste . Enomatic has a great prestige and history in wine culture. We identified a necessity for combining advanced technologies with effective wine preservation systems. 

Our goal is to improve existing technologies and find better ways to improve the wine-tasting experience in our territory. 

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8201 164th Ave. NE Suite 200. 

Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 786 5462




 (425) 786 5462

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